• Flexible Plastic Packaging

    As more consumers discover the benefits of sports nutrition products, flexible packaging formats can help your brand stand out for convenience and portability. A?spouted pouch?provides the perfect delivery for a liquid or gel, before or after a workout. A?stick pack?can be easily tucked away in a gym bag or pocket to add an instant kick to a water bottle at the moment it’s needed. And when a larger package size is required, nothing beats the convenience of a?reclosable standup pouch. The pouch can be sized for multiple servings, can include easy-to-open features like laser scoring, and can reclose with a zipper, slider or other closure to provide you with maximum product freshness and protection.

    Plus, flexible packaging allows for a dazzling array of graphic options, from high-gloss to matte finish, and special effects like metallic inks that support your brand’s unique messaging.?

  • Paperboard Containers

    Some things are classic because they just work – and paperboard containers are a timeless solution for powdered beverages. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our can heights and diameters are also easily adaptable to fit your special usage occasions or retail space considerations, costing you little in change-over time. Made with a minimum of 70% recycled fiber content, they also support your brand’s commitment to sustainability – by limiting the amount of virgin fiber, you get a cost-effective solution with minimal natural resource consumption.?

    Portable and hassle-free, smaller paperboard containers provide perfect consumption occasions for busy lifestyles – and can be bundled for pre- and post-workout combinations. Choose from a variety of closure options to support your customers’ cycle-of-use and make scoop storage convenient.

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